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Infant Care and Self Care

Prenatal Couples Class  

Information and practical skills to help you prepare for your first weeks of parenthood.  Join this detailed, interactive and fun session to help you feel confident in caring for your baby and yourself when baby arrives.

Virtual Session

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Dates :  September 17 and November 19, 2020

Cost: Free

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Topics Included;

·       Normal Newborn Appearance, Behavior and Communication

·       Infant Care; bathing, diapering, swaddling, tummy time, holding and burping your baby

·       Safe Sleep

·       Crying

·       Self Care – Physical and Emotional

·       Mood Disorders

·       Changing Relationships as Parents

Be informed - with current, evidence based information

Be prepared - the more you learn and practice, the more confident, relaxed and focused you will be regarding the postpartum period and the care of your newborn

Be empowered - as you learn about your options, you can make informed decisions about parenting that best suit you and your family