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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a Postpartum Doula, RN and a Baby nurse ?
A doula provides non-clinical support to the baby and their family. Each doula has a scope of practice that encompasses the whole family. Many families do not need the expense or qualifications of a registered nurse unless the baby or mother has special medical needs. An RN is limited in the kind of support they will provide, unlike a doula, who is there to meet the needs of the whole family.

On the other hand, "baby nurses" are not always nurses, and therefore may or may not have up-date and or effective training. They too have very limited scopes of practice and are normally just interested in the baby's needs only.

Before hiring support person, make a list of what kind of care and attention you think you may need, I.e. newborn instruction, housekeeping, meal prep, sibling care, etc and find the right support for you.

We are having multiples ( twins, triplets & more ), can a postpartum doula help?
Of course! Families of multiples need our support more than anyone. Raising multiples is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, responsibility. Having multiples is a major life adjustment for everyone in the family. Denise will help the whole family transition during this very difficult but exciting time. The doula will be able to share with you many different techniques for better sleep/napping routines, eating patterns, etc. that have worked with other families of multiples.  She also has the ability to connect you with other multiple families that share the same goals and philosophy of parenting multiples.  In addition a well stocked multiple resource selection is available to clients including books, videos and dvds.

Our baby has special needs, is Denise able to assist us ?
Denise has worked with many infants with special needs including extreme prematurity, Cleft palates, breathing problems, reflux and other feeding problems. If the parent is able to meet the needs of the child without the use of a nurse, than a doula would be able to assist you.

What kind of breastfeeding support does Denise as a postpartum doulas provide ?
A good portion of Denise's training is in breastfeeding support. She can assist you with the latch, positioning, and many other extreme breastfeeding difficulties. If she is not able to help you, she has many different professional contacts and resources that will and can. It has been researched and proven that by having a doula support you, breastfeeding success comes much easier.

When should I reserve a spot with Denise for postpartum support ?
As Denise has great deal of experience and training with breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders and multiples it is  never to early to start your search and confirm your spot with her.

However, if you suddenly find yourself needing support at anytime after you've given birth, do not hesitate to call. Denise will do her best to meet your needs or find someone who can.

Denise has worked with over 50 families that have had the joy of welcoming twins into their household.  A multiple pregnancy and postpartum may come with additional bumps with breastfeeding, coping, and coordination of care of infants.  Denise is very skilled and experienced in helping you with your multiple moments.  She can connect you with other mulitple families that have your same goals, parenting philosophy and make suggestions on additional products and services that may aid in your transition to a mulitple family.