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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding provides the optimum nutrition and health protection from many forms of diseases and creates a unique bond between mother and baby. Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Having professional breastfeeding support within the first few days after birth is a very important to a new mom and baby.

Reading about latch-on basics and trying to translate text and pictures into what to do with your baby at your breast can be difficult. It's much easier to have someone show you early on, before latch-on problems turn into sore nipples or problems with baby not getting enough milk.

If your baby has difficulties with latch-on or sucking, or has other health problems that complicate breastfeeding, the support of a knowledgable professional  can help you resolve these issues.

Sometimes breastfeeding is hard, and or frustrating but it is always worth it.  Let Denise gently guide you and your baby towards a succefful breastfeeding relationship.

When consulting for breastfeeding Denise,

-brings over 12 years personal breastfeeding experience
-come into your home to assess feeding patterns
-talk to you about your concerns
-make sure you understand what is "normal" with breastfeeding
-observe your family in your own environment
-when necessary, we refer to community members who specialize in working with breastfeeding mothers and babies